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Little London Crochet is a crochet brand that specialises small crochet items and small crochet material. This is because we love instant gratification and believe that a beautiful crochet creation shouldn't take 2 years to make.

Little London Crochet was born out of a passion for crochet creations. Crochet stitches are just so GORGEOUS! AND, they make people around you happier. Some even say that crocheting is a form of therapy.

Behind Little London Crochet is Marie-Helene, a Belgian girl who has been living in London for…. a long time!

Marie-Helene’s main source of inspiration is her mother and grand-mother, both crochet addicts for many many years! And whilst her grand-mother only shares her passion offline (The Internet doesn’t really appeal to her!), her dear mother loves blogging and share her work under Modestes Ouvrages. She blogs in French whilst Little London Crochet blogs in English.

We hope you will enjoy this website as much as we enjoy crocheting!

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